Investing in Cyprus

Why It’s a Great Idea to Invest in Cyprus

Looking to invest overseas but not sure on the country? Well, Cyprus could be a lucrative location for you to invest in, and here’s why:

In recent years, Cyprus has become increasingly popular to overseas investors. Property investors especially are reaping the benefit of the island, with buy-to-let property investments amounting to more than 25% of all property sales.

Location has also been a key factor that is increasingly enticing investors. Because of its unique location, Cyprus has been a vital hub for trade for thousands of years.

After it was hit by the 2013 financial crisis, Cyprus has become, and is, a popular investment location for foreign investors wishing to expand their existing operations. This is because of the attractive benefits given to foreign investors, its location, its qualified labour force, along with its reliable transport and communications substructure.

The country continues to be attractive year on year, not just for overseas businesses, but also for expatriates, with a rising number of British, Russian and Chinese expats calling the island their home.

The presence of Chinese and Russian investors has played a significant role in the economic recovery of the country, with industries such as construction reaping the benefit of the increasing demand for housing.

Foreign investors have influenced the economy in such a way, that they are specifically targeted by the real estate industry and by the Cypriot government.

In an attempt to incentivise more foreign investment, the Cypriot government has introduced a citizenship scheme, where investors can obtain Cypriot citizenship by investing €2m.

Below, we’ll go into a bit more detail as to why Cyprus is becoming increasingly popular to foreign investors:

Cyprus is a Member of the EU

Cyprus joined the European Union in 2004 and later joined the Eurozone in 2008. In 2013, the island suffered the banking crisis, however, since then, it has been on the road to recovery and the country continues to draw in foreign investors as well as tourists every year.

Cyprus joining the Eurozone has given foreign investors a path into the European market, while taking advantage of the lower costs, fewer risks, along with access to the single currency.

Business-Friendly Tax Rates

This is one of the most compelling reasons why foreign investors choose Cyprus to expand their business operations. The island has one of the most attractive tax systems in the world, with a corporate tax rate of 12.5%. Additionally, Cyprus also offers foreign investors low start-up and operational costs.

Along with the low corporate tax rate, start-up and operational costs, the Cypriot government has, and maintains business-friendly legislations to enable investors to hit the ground running. Such legislations are tax benefits, residence and work permits.


Another reason why Cyprus is becoming an attractive base for many foreign investors, is the benefit of the country’s reliable and ever-improving infrastructure.

The island has a strong and stable telecommunications system, including national Wi-Fi networks and mobile coverage that covers the whole of Cyprus.

Additionally, the country has a very good transport infrastructure, including two international airports (Larnaca and Paphos) and two deep sea ports. Plus, all cities are linked with a well maintained and ever-improving highway system.

Location, Location, Location

As briefly mentioned above, Cyprus’ location has been pivotal for global trade, being a junction to Europe, Asia and Africa. Its location also makes it an ideal transshipment centre, with Cypriot companies working autonomously and with foreign partners to ship goods in and out of the EU via Cyprus.

More recently, oil and natural gas has been discovered below the waters of Cyprus, which has bolstered the importance of the island’s location.

Being a gateway for businesses to penetrate new markets, Cyprus is a solid choice for foreign investors.

A Place to Live as Well As to Work

The island offers a fantastic working and living environment, with arts, culture as well as cuisine having a long tradition on the island which allows for the perfect work/life balance.

If you had to endure long commutes in your home country, don’t worry, commuting in Cyprus is minimal.

Cyprus might be a fantastic location for foreign investors and provides many pro-business perks, however, the country still takes the advantage of its low-stress, slower pace of life and all-year-round sunshine.

For any budding investors out there, now is the perfect time to begin your business journey and thrive on the island of Cyprus.

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Aliquam lacus ligula, dignissim sed egestas in, faucibus vitae nibh. Nulla facilisi.


Aliquam lacus ligula, dignissim sed egestas in, faucibus vitae nibh. Nulla facilisi.
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